The presence and personality that Lucia brings to her practice is beautifully unique. Whether she is teaching a group class, performing body work, or giving a tarot card reading, she is incredibly perceptive of her students’ mentalities and energies. What seems so special to me about Lucia’s practice, though, is her ability to balance her warmth and helpfulness as a yoga practitioner with her fun and silly demeanor, while successfully leading empowering and reinvigorating sessions with her students/clients.
— Ariell
Lucia’s teaching style is far from static and mechanical, making each class a unique experience. She has an innate gift as a teacher and freely shares her wisdom with students. Unlike other instructors I have studied with, Lucia is capable of teaching multiple styles of yoga with equal expertise, all the while interweaving the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the practice in perfect equilibrium. No matter how you feel before a class, you’ll leave with a stronger, more harmonious mind and body.
— Beau
Lucia is a beautiful soul with a magnificent light, who has the power to see through your eyes and heart. It was not until I started doing therapeutic yoga with her that I got to love and accept myself better. Definitely, she’s a light on my path.
— Silvia
Lucia’s name personifies the truly graceful being that she is. Every movement and action she takes exudes such grace and fluidity, and is done with true intention and flow. I am grateful and thankful to have been taught by her. Thank you for exuding such grace and always sharing it with the world!
— Toni