Lucia Grace Young



Chakra Journeys for Women



Join Lucia for a deep journey into yourself utilizing the ancient and sacred Chakra system, weaving together yoga, mindfulness, breathing practices, somatics, goddess archetypes, and coaching, as well as bodywork and energy work, crystal therapy, and aromatherapy. In these sessions you will experience very connected hands-on healing with Lucia, and outside of the sessions the effects of the practices will ripple out and transform your life on every level.

1 Month Immersion:

 - Focused intention on a single chakra of your choice

- 4 sessions, 1x week for four consecutive weeks

- Immersion into the energetic realm of the chakra you feel most called to explore, in which you will feel connection, understanding, and healing of that chakra

3 Month Immersion: 

- Deep dive, exploring 3 chakras of your choice (i.e. Root, Heart, and Throat, etc.) 

- 12 sessions, 4 for each chakra, ideally each week

- This is a deeper dive that will give you a feeling of at-home-ness in your being by healing and balancing three chakras. you will feel a deeper sense of knowing and ability to utilize the practices and tools in your life 

6 Month Immersion: 

- Explores all 7 chakras, with 3-4 sessions for each. 

- Full on life transformation and activation, this option is the deepest dive

- You will walk away with a sense of mastery and deep self knowing. You will have practices for how to connect to, open, balance each chakra and integrate these practices into your everyday life. You will understand your patterning, and trauma, and be able to work with it with love and conscious compassion, feeling a sense of wholeness and integration throughout body, mind and soul!

 Somatic Yoga Therapy



In her practice as a Yoga Therapist Lucia weaves together practices of gentle somatic movement, breath awareness, meditation, and energetic bodywork to support your vitality. She also incorporates integrative counseling, holding space for your process through active listening and loving presence. Somatic sessions with Lucia support emotional growth, embodied awareness and energetic clearing. In all somatic sessions, her intention is to witness you as a whole person - mind, body, and spirit - and to honor your needs, desires, and goals. This modality is so beneficial because of its ability to affect all levels of the human being.

 Transformational Bodywork



Lucia’s bodywork style weaves together Traditional Thai Massage, pressure points, trauma release, breath work, and intuitive healing touch. During your session, you will be gently moved, mindfully touched, held, nurtured, and supported. The session is a dance of giving, sharing, and moving energy, utilizing conscious touch, breath, and rhythm. Lucia’s work can be deep or gentle, at your request, with attention to pressure points and energy lines in the body. The work is done with clients wearing comfortable, loose clothing, lying on a floor cushion. Some benefits of bodywork include: overall relaxation, increased flexibility and mobility, reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, circulation and digestion, revitalized energy flow and vibrant mood.  

 Private Instruction



Individual yoga lessons are ideal for students of any level who wish to deepen their practice and receive complete support and guidance catered to their specific desires and needs. Lucia also offers private group yoga classes for special occasions and events. An individualized session with Lucia will likely include:

  • Postural screening and health intake.

  • Assessment of technique and skill level.

  • Yoga posture instruction (Asana).

  • Hands-on assistance and modifications to meet you where you are.

  • Conscious breathing exercises (Pranayama).

  • Guided meditation and visualizations.

  • Learn more about Yoga on DaoCloud



1 Individual Session - $150.00 / 60 Minutes

4 Session Package - $600.00 / (4) 60 Minute Sessions / Pay In Full, Save 10%! $540.00

8 Session Package - $1,200.00 / (8) 60 Minute Sessions / Pay In Full, Save 15%! $918.00

12 Session Package - $1,800.00 / (12) 60 Minute Sessions / Pay In Full, Save 25%! $1,215.00

I also offer 75 and 90 minute sessions and packages at the same rate of $150.00/hour.

Please ask for the length of time you need and I will be happy to accommodate you!

Schedule a session with me at my Fairfax office here <3