Yoga therapy


Yoga Therapy is a holistic modality of care that comes from the classical 8 Limbed Yoga tradition. In my practice as a Yoga Therapist I mostly utilize movement, breathing exercises, and meditation, as well as Thai Bodywork, to create personalized programs for clients. I also incorporate counseling that is based in both Eastern and Western therapy traditions, with an emphasis on holding the space through active listening. When I meet a client, I assess the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. I then come up with exercises that meet them where they are, honoring their needs, desires, and goals. We practice movement, breathing, and meditation together and I additionally give them techniques and tools that they can use on their own. Therapeutic Yoga is so beneficial because of its ability to affect all levels of the human system. By integrating Yoga Therapy into their lives, clients not only feel better, but also gain a way to actively participate in their own well-being.

Some of the amazing benefits of Yoga Therapy include:

- Improvement in overall quality of life: better sleep, stress reduction, more relaxation, improvement in quality of relationships with self and others, healthy eating and lifestyle habits

- Improvements in physical body: decreases pain, improves immunity, digestion, and circulation, regulates heart rate and blood pressure, and promotes deeper breathing. 

- Improvements in mental health: greater emotional stability, personal empowerment and confidence, greater ease in the management of anxiety and depression, a sharpening of the mind, and most importantly, encourages a person to connect with their personal truth.

A typical Yoga Therapy session with me includes:

  • Assessment of wellness (physical, mental and emotional health).
  • Yoga postures (Asana), including therapeutic authentic movements.
  • Hands-on assisting and Thai Bodywork.
  • Guided Visualization Chakra Journeys.
  • Conscious breathing exercises (Pranayama).
  • Meditation and reflection.
  • Assignment of practices to take home.